Live streaming

We are passionate about creating online events that your target audience will not soon forget. Our filmmakers have mastered the live streaming technique and are therefore very successful in portraying your online event.

We distinguish ourselves by working with operated cameras and specific lenses – which allows us to very quickly respond to what is happening in the studio and bring it into focus. We also pay close attention to setting, lighting and concept.

We guide you from start to finish and set up our mobile studio anywhere you want. The only requirement is a place with good internet!

Live streaming by Objektiv

"Last year we had 300 total visitors at our event. Now to the livestream 1200 people watched and the feedback was rave!"

Live streaming process

Want to organise a talk show or webinar that attendees can get excited for? Objektiv will help you do so. With us, everything is tailor-made (you won’t notice that in the quotation, by the way ;)), which is why we always go through the following steps.


Briefing & advice

Our starting point is your ideal. During the introduction or briefing, we take stock of your wishes. What does the perfect livestream look like for your organisation? What is the goal? Do you already have a location in mind or can we help you with that? Do you want a hybrid event or a fully online event with people dialling in externally? Want break-outs, polls, chats? Sheesh, that’s a lot of questions!

We’ll help you answer them and advise you on how best to achieve your goal: organising a distinctive online event that is attractive for everyone to join! After the meeting, we can immediately estimate the costs – so you can take some time to think about the setup and associated costs.

Ani - briefing v1



Of course, not everything is set in stone right away during the introduction. After we have broadly discussed your live broadcast, another moment is needed to reflect on everything. We will be in touch again after the meeting to go over all your final wishes and send you a quotation.

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In the run-up to the broadcast date, there is always a contact from Objektiv whom you will work together with. What can you expect? Short lines, no unnecessary e-mails, flexibility and transparency.

Vid - productie V1



The day of the broadcast! We start by setting up the entire mobile studio. Once all speakers and guests are present, we go over the technology and the script one more time. Then we start the broadcast and go live. Enjoy!

Liv - uitzending V1

Live streaming by Objektiv

Gratis intake live streaming

Vrijblijvend meer informatie over het produceren van een  live stream, talkshow of webinar voor jouw organisatie? We helpen je natuurlijk bij ieder aspect van de productie, maar misschien zijn er al een aantal onderdelen uitgedacht.

Via het onderstaande contactformulier plan je direct een gratis intake in. 

*Alleen de velden met een * zijn verplicht, de overige velden helpen ons om inzicht te krijgen in het project.

Logo Objektiv

Gratis intake

Wil jij voor jouw organisatie een video, animatie, talkshow of webinar maken? Wij willen je daar bij helpen en denken graag vrijblijvend mee. Vul je gegevens in en wij nemen contact op om een gratis telefonische intake in te plannen.

Free intake

Would you like to create a video, animation, talk show or webinar for your organization? We want to help you with that and are happy to think along with you. Fill in your details and we will contact you to schedule a free telephone intake.

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