Internal communications, external communications, instarts in live streaming, commercials, testimonials, aftermovies, you name it! Video can be used for anything and we have all the knowledge and expertise to work with our clients to create this content. Whether it’s a simple interview or a commercial, we will help you from A to Z.

Video by Objektiv

"Professional, calm and tremendously pleasant guidance before and during filming. Ideal for our colleagues who had not been in front of the camera much before. The end result was also immediately good and we did not need any correction"

Video process

We work based on your corporate identity. It is for good reason that we call ourselves your company’s video department. That is why we want to get to know a company/organisation in detail. This way, we get to know who you are, what you do, what the corporate culture is like, what you want to project and more. We do this because we want to offer our clients the best solution as efficiently as possible, especially in the long term.


Briefing, advice and concept

During the introduction or briefing, we take stock of your wishes. What is the goal? Is the video for internal or external communication? Do you already have a design package in your organisation’s corporate identity, (title bars, bumpers and slides) or can we design and animate these for you? We help you come up with ideas, including in terms of your video strategy, and advise you directly on how to produce your videos as efficiently as possible.

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That’s all well and good, but what exactly does it cost? We work with fixed rates and give you an accurate estimate of the cost based on the idea discussed immediately after the meeting. So you can think it over. When the concept is final, you will also receive a final quotation.

Furthermore, all our productions always include:

  • Correction round(s)
  • Pre-production / script discussion
  • Free royalty-free music
  • Permanent producer who takes care of everything from A to Z
  • Strategic advice
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There! We now know exactly what your video will look like, so we can get to work. First we discuss the entire planning and then, by mutual agreement, we organise the shooting days and everything involved.

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After shooting, the editor gets to work editing the footage. All our productions include corrections. We will send you the first rough edit (without animations and colour correction) with a correction form. When all corrections have been processed, you will receive the final assembly.

Vid - postproductie V1

Video by Objektiv

Gratis intake video

Free more information about a video production, corporate video or other type of video for your organization? Of course we’ll help you with every aspect of the production, but maybe some parts have already been thought out.

*Only fields marked * are required, the remaining fields help us understand the project.

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Gratis intake

Wil jij voor jouw organisatie een video, animatie, talkshow of webinar maken? Wij willen je daar bij helpen en denken graag vrijblijvend mee. Vul je gegevens in en wij nemen contact op om een gratis telefonische intake in te plannen.

Free intake

Would you like to create a video, animation, talk show or webinar for your organization? We want to help you with that and are happy to think along with you. Fill in your details and we will contact you to schedule a free telephone intake.

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