About us

Objektiv conceives and creates visual content for businesses. Videos, animations and live streaming solutions, for internal and external communication – for organisations like yours.

We do this together with our clients and guide our clients throughout the process. Together? Yes together! After all, you know your organisation better than we do and also know best what you want to say. We make sure this is translated properly and ultimately becomes a video, animation or livestream that connects with your target audience!

Our specialists

Joost van Steenhardt Carré

Founder, producer

Reinier Kroese

Motion graphic designer, switching technician, director

David Kroese

Camera-operator, editor

Rients Pieters

Camera-operator, editor and Gaffer

Ruben Nijsen

Camera-operator, editor, photographer

Eric Kerkhoven

Camera, directing, editing

Bart Bijzet

Livestream operator, camera, editing

Collaborating with objektiv

We all know how powerful a good video, animation or livestream can be. And it is our goal to tell your story, with creative visual content so that people are more engaged with your organization, understand your organization better, remember your organization better and with which you convince.

We do this with great passion for our profession and talented people. Because of the knowledge and years of experience gained from working for, and with, various organizations, governments and A-brands, Objektiv is the agency to achieve your goals.

We always like to get acquainted first so we can tell you more about our work, but especially to get a good picture of your organization. During this meeting, without any obligations, we will map out together what your organization or department needs.


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Gratis intake

Wil jij voor jouw organisatie een video, animatie, talkshow of webinar maken? Wij willen je daar bij helpen en denken graag vrijblijvend mee. Vul je gegevens in en wij nemen contact op om een gratis telefonische intake in te plannen.

Free intake

Would you like to create a video, animation, talk show or webinar for your organization? We want to help you with that and are happy to think along with you. Fill in your details and we will contact you to schedule a free telephone intake.